Sales and Marketing Support

To  help promote your printing machinery together with our General ink, we are pleased to provide marketing support to make sure customers understand the printing solutions that our light solvent ink provides.  For qualified OEMs, we are happy to send you:

1.  One or two sample cartridges for you to provide to your end users for a trial run.

2.  Print samples tailor-made for your trade shows and promotional events.

3.  Onsite technical assistance to best understand the proper use of our ink.

4.  Other presentation and event co-production to show your customers what our ink can do.

Please contact for more information.

Counting Costs--A Valuable Free Sales Tool from HP!

Download and review the compelling sales appeal for thermal inkjet when it comes to the cost of acquisition and operation.  Counting Costs (click here), an effective sales brochure for TIJ 2.5 printing technology benefits from HP!