As of May 1, 2011, IQ2392A, or the G404-2 formula, is now an official HP branded ink with the HP product ID of HP 2560 (click through for the HP industrial ink portfolio and you will find it there).  Please contact your HP account representative or HP OEM Partners for details. This ink is particular good for aqueous overcoated postcards for the direct mail market, but our customers use our ink in a variety of ways on labels, aqueous overcoated folding cartons, and more.

Continuing on as a Hewlett-Packard partner, we are also proud to supply you with a new high quality no-dryer ink named BLACK SAPPHIRE IQ648 and Heatless Ink II IQ9493, filled in brand new original HP cartridges with genuine General ink especially designed for use in HP TIJ 2.5 cartridges for printing applications on glossy packaging substrates such as blister foil and other packaging surfaces.  This opens up a whole new world of opportunity for packaging machine manufacturers and package printers by using  affordable and easy-to-implement HP 2.5 thermal inkjet technology.

Another market niche particularly in need of thermal inkjet solutions is the security market, and we have a new ink for that, too, which is INVISIBLE RED.  Contact us for more details on this versatile General ink filled in HP 2.5 cartridges.

BLACK SAPPHIRE IQ648--for non-porous packaging in pharmaceutical package printing and more.

Heatless Ink II IQ9493--for non-porous packaging in pharmaceutical package printing and more.

High Density Ink HD119--for porous and semi-porous materials, high density and long decap time.

High Density Dye Ink  HD156 for porous and semi-porous materials, enhanced smudge resistance with high densitiy.

INVISIBLE RED--for invisible security features.

Sold through our OEM partners, these original, brand new HP manufactured cartridges filled with General inks are distributed throughout the world. For more information, please E-mail us at .