The General Group of Companies, first established in 1914 for the manufacture of carbon paper in Japan, has grown into the global organization that it is today by keeping ahead of the pace of change.  Innovation, creativity, technical excellence, and great customer service are the four cornerstones of our business.

General Company, Ltd. also manufactures other custom inks, thermal transfer ribbons, and office supplies for worldwide distribution through a variety of channels. We are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and have offices in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Our business timeline:

1914 - Started Manufacturing Carbon Paper in Japan

1967 - Began Sales of Impact Ink Ribbons for Printer as OEM Supplier to IBM, Panasonic, etc.

1980 - Became OEM Supplier of Thermal Transfer Ribbons to TOSHIBA, CASIO, etc.

1996 - On Demand Inkjet Related Production Began

1999 - First Contact with HP-SPS Opened Up New Global Business Opportunities

2002 - Became HP SPS Cartridge Distributor

2005 - Launched IQ2392 Ink Formulation for HP TIJ 2.5 Cartridges

2006 - Launched IQ2392A--Longer Decap Time Formulation for TIJ 2.5

2011 - Launched HP 2560 on May 1, 2011, an official endorsement of our G404 formula by Hewlett-Packard as a successfully established quality black pigment ink for aqueous overcoated and other glossy substrates in the variable data, mail, and package printing industries.

2011 - HP changed their policy and discontined to distribute HP genuine ink. 

2012 - Launched our original ink; Heatless ink II IQ9493 and High Density Ink HD119.

2013 - Launched High Density Dye ink HD156.

2014 - Celebrated the 100th anniversary