The Case of the Missing Ink

(Names have been changed to protect the successful.)

A mail house customer of one of our OEMs was worried.  They needed an ink that could print on glossy substrates at 600 feet per minute and at print resolutions of at least 300 dpi with a 4.25-inch print swath...what were they to do? 

"All these glossy direct mail postcards with thousands of variable data addresses, but what kind of environmentally friendly ink can print on slippery postcards?," asked Susan,  Operations Manager.  "And--very important--it has to be printable with our favorite industrial printer, an HP model."

General Company and HP to the rescue! 

With all of the ease and convenience of HP cartridge technology, the production line was underway.  General's light solvent ink stayed put on the glossy substrate after only a light pass under a dryer.  Susan was happy.  Workers were double happy, because production downtime was at a minimum due to the reliability and the quality control support provided by General Company and HP. But the customer who ordered the job was the happiest of all.  The print job looked great!

What the customer who ordered the print job did not know was that HP and General Technology had sent a crew to the production site for many days ahead of time to make extra sure that our OEM would look good, too. We provided the ink, ran tests with HP on the equipment for our OEM to make sure everything worked well, and we solved the problem.  The case of the missing ink was solved!  Glossy problem.  Our OEM came out looking great.  What a team.

Happy ending!  But there are many more stories like this one in packaging, roll to roll, and variable data applications of all kinds, and on it goes...

That's because everyone in the supply chain is important to us.  And that's a promise.